Performance, reliability and adaptability

Our ability to manufacture specialized and customized drill rigs to meet our customers’ specific requirements gives us a strong competitive advantage. Through our manufacturing subsidiary, Soudure Royale, we are able to add value for our customers by providing the optimum equipment for their needs, while also reducing costs and improving the turnaround time for the delivery of the drills and specialized equipment. Indeed, we can produce most of our customized drills within a two to three-week time frame, at about half the cost of an external supplier. And because we integrate service delivery with the design and manufacturing process, we are able to develop custom equipment that is best suited to the terrain and logistics of any project.

Working with our engineering departments, we design or modify specialty equipment such as heli-portable drill rigs, while also manufacturing and providing other support equipment, such as water recirculation systems, heat recovery systems and fuel efficient systems.

We also manufacture conventional drill rigs for third parties, providing us with a further revenue stream. As well, at our manufacturing facility in Val d’Or, we are able to provide full maintenance services for our rigs – maintaining quality, safety and reliability of performance.

Surface drills

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Other equipment

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Underground drills

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