Environmental Protection

Our operations are subject to environmental regulation under the laws of Canada, the United States and any other jurisdictions where we operate. Our customers are responsible for obtaining the environmental permits necessary for our drilling activities, and our policy is to comply with all applicable environmental standards and regulations, and where possible, exceed them.

To prevent fuel and lubricant leaks, Orbit Garant uses only modern equipment that is subjected to regular preventive maintenance in order to ensure that it remains in excellent working condition. Lubricants used in our daily operations, including the drill rod lube and polymer, are non-toxic substances which pose no threat to the environment. When working in delicate ecosystems, or while operating near water, each piece of equipment is fitted with a special absorbent mat designed specifically to minimize and capture any overflow or spills. Some of the equipment we manufacture and utilize – such as water recirculation systems, heat recovery systems and fuel efficiency systems – are designed to meet and exceed environmental standards while generating operating efficiencies and cost savings.

Orbit Garant believes that environmental protection is vital to the quality of life of present and future generations. We believe that adhering to the highest ecological standards is the pathway to fostering best practices in the industry.