Formations - Employés


Our reputation as an innovator and leader in the mineral drilling industry rests squarely on our workforce – the foremen, drillers and driller-helpers who work in the field. Both underground and surface drilling require a high degree of expertise and technical competence to ensure that the equipment is handled properly and safely – and that the core samples our customers require are extracted accurately and efficiently.

Our drillers and driller helpers utilize complex technology, handle heavy equipment and manage project sites, often in remote locations under extreme weather conditions. Attracting, retaining and developing a highly skilled, experienced and responsive workforce is therefore a fundamental priority for Orbit Garant.

We are very proud of our driller training and certification program that we originated in Val-d’Or, Quebec, and have since expanded throughout our operations. It is an initiative we undertook several years ago to develop qualified drillers and driller-helpers. Our training program includes hundreds of hours of practice and theory, supported by on- site training prior to gaining full program certification. Participants are taught processes and techniques to ensure consistency, quality control, high performance and a focus on safety. As part of the program, participating students complete a practical component by acting as helpers with Orbit Garant. Through this exclusive arrangement, we gain access to students to recruit for permanent employment when they complete their certification.

Recruiting qualified drillers is just the beginning: we have ongoing comprehensive and customized training and development programs – to familiarize our workforce with new technology, to enhance quality control and performance and to implement new environmental and health and safety programs and policies.